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What Makes Us Different? Our Tech Capabilities

When it comes to choosing the right web development team you want to feel secure knowing you’ve got the right amount of technology know-how on your side. This is where Internet Exposure has the competition beat by a mile: We’ve got our own hosting and data storage services right here in Minneapolis, when you have questions you can speak directly to the team member who develops and maintains our equipment and software on a daily basis, and we have knowledgeable, experienced staff committed to following industry standards for best practices.

Technology server


Our Web Hosting Services Include:

  • Individualized and compartmentalized virtual machines for each site
  • Scalable resources for every type of client—increase or decrease processing power, storage, or memory at any time
  • Direct, honest advice from our techs on what you really need
  • Daily fail-safe backups


  • Full protection from other sites’ content and their potential vulnerabilities
  • Dedicated, self-contained resources—not on a shared VM with a bunch of other sites
  • Constant external monitoring and error reporting for responsive reaction to issues
Technology management


When it comes to our server resources, a Chef Configuration Management System backs our team’s commitment to:

  • Following forward-thinking industry standards for best practices
  • Timely, managed server security updates
  • Proper and consistent configurations from day one
  • Treating all sites with the same level of importance in regards to updates and technology management

When it comes to managing your project development and updates we offer:

  • A sophisticated deployment management system that includes a clear cut internal progression for code deployment, which minimizes errors from reaching your live site
Technology infrastructure


  • Redhat Enterprise Virtualization Environment
  • Highly redundant Storage Area Network
  • Redundant switching fabric for all networking resources to eliminate single component caused downtime
Technology security


Keeping all our software up to date with the most recent updates is mission-critical for our team. We routinely target:

  • Consistent server updates
  • Server software hardening
  • Industry standard best practices for firewalls
  • The highest standard for network security
  • Physical security—strict on-site access, off-site backups
Through thick and thin

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Are you an existing customer who needs to contact our Support team? Do you want to see what kind of Support we offer to our clients? Follow this link to find more information on our Support page.

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